Renovo, PA

Renovo Railroad Yards -- The Early Years...
By Stephen F. Miller Jr. 

As the land that formally held the Renovo Railroad Yards slowly makes a revival, lets take a trip back to when it all began... 


Philadelphia & Erie Railroad Yards, Circa 1866, Renovo, PA
In view are the yards, engine roundhouse and the P&E Railroad station.

The Renovo Railroad Yards were built on  land originally occupied by the farm of William Baird.   Mr. Baird had sold the land to the Philadelphia and Erie Land Company in October 1862 for the construction of car shops and other railroad buildings.  Construction began with the laying of the foundation stone in August 1863. The buildings were built of red brick made from local clay near the construction site.

The local area grew in parallel with the yard.  Yard workers were allowed to buy plots and build homes starting in 1864.   The train station was finished in 1865 and Renovo was incorporated as a borough in the Spring of 1866.


Philadelphia & Erie Railroad Workers at Renovo Yards
(Do you know who they are???)


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