Lock Haven, PA

Lock Haven Passenger Station and the Philadelphia & Erie Railroad Line
By Stephen F. Miller Jr.

Here's a tid-bit of history about the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad and Lock Haven.

Lock Haven Philadelphia and Erie Railroad Station, Circa 1890

Lock Haven's railroad station was located along Clinton Street and was completed in 1859 by the Philadelphia and Sunbury Railroad.  

In 1860, work on the Philadelphia and Sunbury line slowed to a craw due to lack of funds. 

In March 1861, the Pennsylvania state legislature changed the railroad's name to the Philadelphia and Erie, and funds to finish the line were provided the next year by the Pennsylvania Railroad, who leased the line for 999 years.

The full line, which measured 287.5 miles was finally completed in 1864.

Philadelphia and Erie RR Fares and Distances Card from the Fallon House, Circa 1875

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